Tickets - $375


Meet the Master!

We are offering a unique opportunity for those that have never had the chance to observe and meet the master, Gregor Lersch. A day of demonstration and observation appropriate for those who are looking for a chance to experience Gregor. There is no hands-on work, which means any level of designer can enjoy this opportunity.

Gregor is a world-renowned designer and educator who has taught in 57 countries and has won many national and international awards in the floral industry. He specializes in European style, combining his many talents as an artist, being both a maestro of color and a magician of mechanics. Gregor is also the author of 25 books. He continues to inspire the world with his works.

To date, Gregor has been to Hope Flower Farm four times; this is an environment that he is accustomed to, enjoys and respects because of its natural beauty and the Hope Flower Farm blooms. We like to think Hope Flower Farm is a home away from home for Gregor.

1 Day Only Demonstration, Theory and Discussion Class. Lunch will be provided!

This is an observation only event, and does not include hands-on learning.