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Hope Flower Farm

How to Enter

Six lucky winners will be selected to attend the workshop. To be selected, simply fill out the form below and comment on our Instagram post about It Could Be You , telling us why you need and want to come to @hopeflowerfarm to #learnwithholly. Let us know your heart’s desire.

Workshop Details

We are so happy to share our mission of helping fellow designers. In an effort to give back to a budding community of floral designers, Holly created the “It Could Be You” workshop. We want you to relax and enjoy a two night stay at Holly and Evan’s beautiful Hope Flower Farm in Waterford, Virginia. You'll enjoy a full day of uninterrupted hands-on design time and business coaching with Holly. We want you to learn, ask lots of questions and gain inspiration to take back to your studio. All meals will be included. Winners will be responsible for their travel to and from Hope Flower Farm.

July 23rd 2019.

  • Students will have the option of spending 2 nights at Hope Flower Farm. Arrival in the evening of July 22nd and departure on the morning of July 24th. Class is scheduled for all day on the 23rd. All meals and flowers are included. Transportation to Hope Flower Farm is not included. Winners must get themselves to Hope Farm.

  • This chance to win is specific to this date. If you are chosen and this date does not work for you, please notify us and we will select another winner.

  • This workshop does not qualify attendees for Chapel Designers membership.

Check out our gallery from last years workshop here, and hear from last years winners below.

Hope Flower Farm

Kristy @kristymorningglory,

In July of 2018, I got a call from my daughter that Holly Chapple was trying to get ahold of me.  She said “You won a trip to Holly Chapple’s farm!!”  I couldn’t believe it,  I then remembered filling out the form online and thinking “ this would be so nice” but never in a million years thought I would have a chance.  I had followed Holly’s work for years and am a huge admirer.  Her arrangements are so fresh and free and I fell in love with her style!  

When we arrived at the farm, we were greeted by Holly.  She is so real and genuine and you just feel like you have known her for a very long time.  The farm is beautiful and so historic but most of all, it is so peaceful.   I enjoyed meeting the others that were there and sharing stories both professional and personal.   

Holly packed into two days a wealth of information on business, design and her personal experiences.  Along with that, we were fortunate to   watch her create beautiful pieces and also to design along with her.   This is every designer’s dream and I’m so grateful that I was able to participate!  Thanks again, Holly for not giving up on finding me!!  


From Zoe @zoefoxflowers

Winning a spot in the It Could be You workshop was definitely a highlight of 2018, I still can't believe it!  I was floored by Holly's generous hospitality, from inviting 7 strangers from around the country to her beautiful farm, fostering warm and supportive community around her table, to the wealth of information she shared open-heartedly with us about business and design. I am forever grateful and cherish the experience and the relationships I formed at Hope Flower Farm.

Much love, Zoe

See what last years winners had to say…

From Beca @pelhamflowers,

At Hope Flower Farm you feel happy, relaxed, and ready.  Ready to receive whatever is coming at you.  Holly and Evan have designed a space where florist have inspiration right outside of their window.  The facilities are the perfect match of comfort, accessibility, and calm.  Unlike a hotel or event facility, the rustic charm and the Chapple charm provides an environment where you are comfortable to let loose and really savor the moment as you learn and create.  We wanted for nothing, except more time!  

It Could Be You at Hope Flower Farm gave my small little business and my very limited knowledge hope for the future.  I've been a retail florist for one year and have not booked a wedding, and thank goodness, because I learned that I knew nothing about the legal, standard, and design components to create a wedding.  The short time I had with Holly and the other designers gave me a launching point for my business.  I am a better florist and my clients will be better served because of these 36 hours with Holly and the gang.  I can't process properly how to thank you for this opportunity and for giving and sharing so much with us.  I have a suspicion that you were not intending to disclose as much of what was in your head and heart when you decided on this training, but you gave 7 women hope, knowledge, and encouragement that will richly bless them.  

Thank you for all of it!!!!!!!! Beca

From Angela @Morning_Glory_Flowers

I will never forget the compassion and love Holly Chapple personally extended to me last Summer. There were only supposed to be 6 winners last year for the 1st “It Could Be You”, but Holly made room for one more and I will be forever grateful. Holly personally reached out to me and invited me to come along with my mother who was the last winner of “It could be you”. A few weeks prior, we had decided to close our retail flower shop, that my mother and I managed together, and focus on growing our business in a new direction doing only weddings while also growing our own flowers on our family farm. Just a few days after we closed our retail store my plans came to standstill that would send me on a temporary painful detour. Life held no reservation with timing of the adversity I would experience in my personal life during this transition. I began to lose the vision I had once had for the future of our business and I was slowly losing grip of the hope that had always been the fuel to keep going even during times of uncertainty. When I received the phone call and invite from Holly to come to Hope Flower Farm for the “It could be you” event I knew I had to do whatever I could to get there. And I am so glad I did. It’s been nearly eight months now since the event and it still feels like something like out of a dream when I reflect back. Holly graciously shared with us her extensive knowledge of the many realms of floral design and skill and gave us an inside look to the business side that showed us how we can be and remain successful in the industry. She also led us in some memorable hands on design experiences inside her glorious barn with photo shoots and gorgeous blooms. She selflessly spent her time getting to know each of us on a personal level beyond flowers. We all shared many laughs and even some tears as we connected to each other while sharing about our own personal journey’s. 

Holly’s investment in us has been an invaluable asset that I have added to the foundation of my business that I will continue to build upon year after year. Most importantly, I am forever grateful for the “hope” that was restored during my visit at Hope Flower Farm to keep dreaming and to keep pressing forward. I am a believer in divine appointments throughout our life and this was definitely one. If ever you have the chance to visit Hope Flower Farm and spend time with Holly you must do it! Thank you Holly for being a difference maker in the floral industry and for making a positive difference in my life. 

Angela Bradford, Morning Glory Flowers & Design