In the Cooler to In the Garden

In 2008, before the Chapel Designers, before Hope Flower Farm, and before the youngest Chapple child was even born - my mother began writing regularly for her blog called The Full Bouquet. This was not only before a lot of my mother’s accomplishments, but also before Instagram was thriving as a major outlet for social media. @hollychapple may now have 64,000 Instagram followers, but in 2008, my mother’s internet following checked her blog to see what was going on in our world. Just as the Holly Chapple Flowers social media pages appear today, my mother posted not just business updates, but family updates on The Full Bouquet as well. The Full Bouquet’s name originated from exactly what my mother’s life is - a bouquet that is and was a menagerie of florals, friends, family and utter chaos.

Original Posts from the Full Bouquet Blog, 2008.

Original Posts from the Full Bouquet Blog, 2008.

As my mother’s following increased, she found the best way to update people on her life was her Friday evening post titled, In the Cooler. Followers would log on at the end of each week to read my mom’s post--people wanted to see what we had in the cooler, what we were designing, and who we were designing for. Honestly, more people were excited to see what was in the cooler than to see how the event actually came together. People love to see how what we do comes to be. I think that’s why Holly Chapple Flowers + Hope Flower Farm are so loved in the floral community. You can always see what a florist can do - but you can’t always see how it is done. Brides would stay up the evening before their wedding to see what in the cooler might be theirs, and potential students would scour the site to see how they can one day do something #hollyish. This love of watching what we do and how we do it led me to an idea.

You may know that I periodically wrote for my mother, Hope, and the Chapel Designers during my college career. I have now left my college town of Richmond, Virginia and I am back in Lucketts/Northern Virginia for the summer at the least. As I settle back into farm life, my dad will show me what he is working on growing on the farm. My mother will show me what she designs from our product at Hope. The Chapple children all have a role in our family business. They’ve helped harvest, grow, and even try to design sometimes. After coming back home and almost looking on all of this with new eyes, I have been inspired to write a weekly post for our blog titled In the Garden.

Each week, you can check in on the Hope blog to see what we’re growing, what is thriving, and how we’re designing with it. You’ll see photos of how we’re growing what we’re growing, and I’ll try my best to get quick interviews from the HHCF and HHF team, my father, or my mother if the week permits. Like I said, the process has always attracted people just as much as the product has. If you don’t have time to check out our weekly posts, check out our Instagram, @hopeflowerfarm, to see what we’re growing and how we’re doing. The Holly Chapple Flowers empire is always growing and changing, and our flowers are too. But the one thing we strive to do and always manage to do is provide what we can for the people who want it, and teach those who want to learn.

Holly Chapple