Gregor Lersch Chapel Designer Event

For many years I lived in a world completely focused on weddings and events. I set my sights on learning from the world renowned master, Gregor Lersch. I dared to HOPE that someday I would be able to meet him and learn beyond my training as a wedding designer. In 2015, we purchased our farm, Hope Flower Farm, and within 3 weeks of owning the farm I was blessed to have Gregor Lersch as one of our first teachers. Gregor has shown me a world of artistry and beauty beyond anything I had dared to imagine. With new found skills, my daily works have evolved and I will forever be grateful for every second I have been able to spend with this remarkable designer.

For this Chapel Designer Workshop, you will get the benefit of Gregor’s artistry and the knowledge of how Holly implements this in her offerings. Holly will teach business and marketing as per her usual. Students will experience hands-on designs with both Gregor and Holly. The Gardens of Hope will be in full bloom and we can’t wait to share this opportunity with you.


DAY 1- Start at 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

  • Breakfast snacks offered during morning discussion. Lunch is also included.

  • We will start the morning with a business discussion with Holly and Evan Chapple (if we get lucky!).

  • Discussion with Gregor Lersch on European styles and trends and how they influence the American wedding market.

  • Bridal Bouquets with techniques from Gregor and a few tips from Holly.

  • We will explore personal flowers and ways to properly hydrate these delicate designs for long lasting enjoyment along with hands-on time for designers to make pieces of their choice.

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DAY 2-

  • Light breakfast and lunch included.

  • Centerpiece demonstration by Gregor Lersch.

  • Hands on time with Gregor Lersch, designs for the table. Each student will be designing a unique centerpiece to be profeesionally photographed.

  • Large scale design for the following day to be discussed.

DAY 3-

  • Light breakfast, lunch and farewell dinner included.

  • Group Project Large scale installation and set the table for a final dinner with Gregor Lersch.


Option 1:

3-Day Workshop-$2,200

September 2-4, 2019

(includes light breakfast and lunch daily)

Option 2:

3-Day Workshop + Meet the Master : Gregor Lersch - $2,500

September 1-4, 2019

This option includes both the 3-day workshop and the 1-day only Meet the Master: Gregor Lersch (a $375 value) see below for more details.

Meet the Master- $375

September 1, 2019- 9:30 am - 4 pm

1-Day Only Demonstration, Theory and Discussion Class with the floristry Master, Gregor Lersch.